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Government identity
control for your

Smartphone Tablet Computer

Identity. Biometry. Blockchain.

Nomad border control

National identity check

KYC enrollment system

Physical access management

Trusted by

Governments Businesses Police Departments Banks

Government grade biometrics and identity card reading for your smartphone, tablet or computer running any operating system.


Device Line-up

  • GripID FAP20
  • GripID FAP45
  • GripID FAP60

Core concept

  • Integrated secure middleware
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth pairing technology
  • Iris and facial recognition
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Blockchain features
  • And more

Frequently asked questions

Why choosing our solution ?

The biometric market is filled with bulky expensive biometric tablets and devices made for specific situations. We give you the smallest device to be paired with your mobile phone to achieve ID control.

How does our pairing technology works ?

Our patented pairing system is universal, fast and simple. It requires no password management and is available for any smartphone, tablet or computer. With its three step process, you can pair your device with a GripID seamlessly and securely.